“I’m not very techy” -Why this excuse just isn’t good enough

“I’m not very techy”. I used this excuse last year as I started in EC&I 831 and now I find it similar to “I’m not good at Math”- it’s baloney. It was a convenient excuse for not partaking in the online world and using many of the resources available to me. Completing that course and thinking a lot about what I learned in the months that followed gave me a new perspective on this excuse. I don’t accept it anymore- not from myself nor from others.

I also heard this excuse in my Grade 10 classroom from students as they learn to navigate Google Classroom and their new Chromebooks. They are the technology generation, they can’t just check out and claim that they aren’t good at technology. My students and I have something in common- enough skill to figure out the online world when we put our minds to it instead of checking out with the convenient “I’m not techy excuse”.

I took a huge leap (for me- I am one of the people who had to sign up for Twitter and Google+ because of Alec’s class) and I am using Google Classroom for all of my classes this year. Not only is it a step in the environmentally-friendly direction by greatly reducing our use of paper, but it also forces the students to navigate the online world and learn to use Google Docs/Drive- something a surprisingly small number of them know how to do. I do not know it all yet, and I don’t pretend to, but together we are learning and problem solving along the way.

I learned a lot in the 4 months I took EC&I 831 last fall. I learned even more in the last 8 months as I have started to teach using these tools and skills (I was on maternity leave at the time I took the course).  I think we need to stop using “I’m not techy” as an excuse to avoid doing something and start challenging ourselves to become active in the online world. I now use Twitter routinely and am connecting with educators online. I feel I am heading in the right direction to build my online presence and use technology to benefit my teaching.

If you haven’t made this jump yet, it’s ok- it takes time, but it is well worth your effort once you start.



2 thoughts on ““I’m not very techy” -Why this excuse just isn’t good enough

  1. Brittany,
    I totally agree with your sentiments. I feel like a lot of teacher say the exact same thing when I going to the classroom to assist them. Quite often and I say to people, “of course you don’t know how to use this platform you’re just learning it. Did you know how to drive a car when you first got in?” I too am surprised sometimes to see how much technology information students actually know. Quite often it seems as though students are consumers of technology but don’t necessarily know how to use it to its full potential. I suppose this is where teachers come in. We can model when we’re unsure how we navigate through this new world. I guess it’s all the more imperative for teachers to try to embrace new learning especially when it comes to using technology, because we are real models for a students.

    Great post!


  2. Great post Brittany and congrats on taking the leap! You are definitely setting your students up for success in a media rich environment. I couldn’t agree with you more about using the “I’m just not techy” excuse. Take the plunge, learn as you go, fail a few times, and get back up.

    Last year we had a bunch of new technology brought into our school division and so many teachers were scared to take that leap, try new things, and ultimately fail. Yet this is what we expect of our students.

    Thanks for sharing!


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