Super Science Saturday Summary of Learning

Carla Cooper and I decided to work together to create our Summary of Learning project. We made our plans, then spent a Saturday evening in my classroom filming. We decided to base the film style on Fun with Flags (from Big Bang Theory). We loved the contrast between an online class where we learned about so many new ways to use tech in the classroom and balancing it with the sliding chalk board summary. We haven’t had any calls from Hollywood seeking our acting skills or our film-making skills. I guess we will have to keep teaching!


Check out the full video here. It was hard to fit everything we wanted to share on the 3 boards- and even harder to talk about what we did end up writing in under 5 minutes. One of the things I loved about this course was how applicable the learning was to my classroom and how many times I ended up discussing the course content with other educators. I feel like I learned so much more, and in much more depth than this video (or any of my blog entries) were able to capture.

Hope we were able to make you laugh!



One thought on “Super Science Saturday Summary of Learning

  1. Thanks for sharing your summary of learning in class Brittany. Like you mentioned in your post, it was a nice contrast using the chalkboards, and I can definitely see the comparison between fun with flags!


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